We believe in true love.

We believe in Jesus.

We believe it is our responsibility to love you in an honest & genuine way,

and what that means for us as your photographers is laughing with you, dancing with you, tearing up during your vows, and giving you photos that don't just represent your wedding day but the totally awesome love between you. 


It just got personal.

 Heck yea it did. & that folks, is how we roll. 


Catherine (Ren) Masters

  • dreamer & doer

  • enjoys cooking, sharing meals, and using food metaphors often

  • cheeseball romantic (eh? See what I did there? Not on purpose- I CAN'T STOP.)

Photo by Love is Rad

Devin Masters

  • won't quit until the job is done, & done right

  • master joke teller

  • can do just about anything with his hands and a good vision

My name is Catherine. I am a wedding and elopement photographer. ofRen is an extension of my very soul and spirit, from the very heart of me. 

My husband and I are crazy in love and make a killer team. I am the boss lady, and he is a stellar, incredibly intuitive second shooter/ assistant. He knows how I flow, and I know how he flows.We are both artists who thrive on freedom to create.

We love seeing new places, mainly because we get to make friends with so many new faces & Dev is fascinated by the history held there.

We believe that looking into someones eyes across from a table is the quickest way to turn a stranger into family- so what "getting coffee" means to us is sharing hearts. 

Oh, and making coffee is another thing we greatly enjoy. It is another hands on, creative process that really gets our heart beating fast.