Sweet home.

I am so excited to announce that starting this fall I will be offering something different & oh-so-exciting!

From ferociously scribbling away in my journal as a child, to digging deeper in narratives and poetry in college classes, to blogging about things and people I love, telling stories though words and letters has always been something that makes me feel alive. For is it not the stories and words woven throughout our own history that makes us who we are?

When I had the idea to incorporate my passion for writing into my photography business, it just seemed right. For me, these two mediums of story telling fit so perfectly and gracefully together. In fact, it is my dream to build stories using those very things as the building blocks.

And so, storybook sessions were formed.

The story I am telling today is one of a family that my husband and I hold incredibly dear to our hearts. Joel and Joye Dicharry, parents of Thad, Astair, Boston, Legend, Story, and Ivy, have this insanely gorgeous love for Jesus. The kind of love for God that is so genuine and pure, that it makes you feel just as loved when you are around them. It really is magical. 

Within the year, God willing, Joel and Joye will be moving to the island of Ambergris to plant a church there with their six children. 

This is something they have prayed for for many, many years- almost for Joye's entire life. 

As they uproot their family and home and move to an entirely new place, this story is a surprise and gift for this special family as a reminder of the true meaning of home. 

This story will look significantly different once printed than it does on this digital medium, but nonetheless, I wanted to share this families beauty and an example of what a Storybook session means. 

Where He Dwells

What is it that makes a home? What is it about home that is sweet?

Home is putting candles on a homemade pie and singing "Happy Birthday." Just cause. 

Home is sisters holding sisters.

Home is tire tracks in the mud that circle the house 

Tiny hands caressing even smaller face.

Home is “mommy, can I hold her” and “be gentle.” "Soft, soft." 

Hands in freshly turned earth and holding freshly picked flowers.

“This is my favorite chicken.”

“Can we play with the bunnies?”

Crayons marks on the kitchen table.

Spoonfuls of Mississippi mud pie straight from a bowl on the kitchen floor.

Princesses that wear crowns of flowers and Princes that make a moat to guard the castle.

Blackberry stained lips and fingers.

“No sweetie, I am saving the last piece for daddy.”

Bbqs and watermelon slushies. 

Playing hide n' seek in mommas old suitcases.

The treasure of a hand-me-down library of books.

Gardening till the sun goes down &

“Honey, come inside its getting dark.”

“Mom, you’ve gotta listen to this song.”

“Dad, I have a boo-boo.”

“Yea, but I don't wanna.”

“Daddy, will you take me for a ride?”

“Oh, please can we keep him?”

“But, I cant…” “Yes, you can.”

“Am I gonna have to come up there? “

& the silence that follows.

Its knitted dreamcatchers made my gentle, working hands. 

Sneaky giggles and revved up motor bikes.

Dramatic squeals and theatrical motions.

Bowl cuts and airplanes in the kitchen. 

Sweet eskimo kisses and tight hugs around the neck.

Bright eyes and that one silly curl.

Overals and skinny jeans. Cracking jokes and egg shells, wearing a smile that makes you know how loved you are. 

Long curls that frame a tender, joyful face, hands kneading dough and sewing dolls, & words that carry wisdom and graceful strength.

Home is that window held together by tape and how sometimes it looks like you, like your life. 

Sometimes you just see the broken pieces and rough edges all trying to fit together.

But that second glance always brings the clarity that you are held together by something greater than what you are made of. The glue holding you all together as one. 

Suddenly, the masterpiece appears.

Your life, a beautiful mosaic. You, a stunning work of art. 

This is home. 

Home is the Holy Spirit that flows in you and through you all & it is the glue.

Home is that window held together by tape.

Home is not a house. It is something you can take with you. 

It is inside you, around you-  home is people, not walls. 

The people that stand with you and around you.

For what is a home? Shelter, warmth, comfort?

How much more shelter does life in the hand of the heavenly creator offer than four walls?

Does not the light in the sparkling eyes of your daughter or the warmth of your son's hand in your own burn brighter than the crackling of wood in the fire place?

Is not the cradle of your forever lover's arms or the kiss just before you close your eyes offer more comfort than a hundred feather stuffed pillows?

Home is like God, its not a place. It is all around you. 

 Home is sweet. 

It is the best place to be. It is you. It is He.

Here is another example and the mini-session inspired this whole idea: http://www.lensofren.com/letters/adayinthelifeoflaurencarroll <3

Please contact me for more information about booking your own Storybook Session today! 


I love you all!